Remote Nursing Jobs – Where to Apply and Salary Ranges

Are you looking to get into a remote nursing position? Remote nursing jobs have been a hot topic as of late. Post pandemic fatigue has left us all burnt out and looking for a change of pace, scenery, and low job stress. On the other hand, maybe you’re a new nurse who knew that bedside was never going to be your cup of tea. In this article, I will go through the best remote jobs out on the market. All of these positions are highly sought after and companies are hiring right now. I will also be listing a few examples of companies that hire nurses for these remote positions.

Great reasons to consider working a remote position

– Time freedom and flexibility

– Creating your own schedule

– Being able to travel nurse – whether because the job is fully remote allowing you to wok from whereever or because some of these jobs offer travel positions and travel nurse pay even though it may not be a traditional bedside position.

– more time with family

– More pay : salary, bonuses, and annual raises

– Less stress/ controlled working environment/ consistent working environment

– being able to focus on one patient at a time and ACTUALLY help them and form a relationship with them

The list goes on 🙂 . . Read on to find out my reasons for switching to a remote position, despite loving my field, and making great money travel nursing.

1. Telehealth Nurse: 66k-90k

A telehealth nurse is a wide range term that stands for nurses who work virtually.

These kinds of nurses work from home or in call centers. The form of communications with patients can either be through telephone or it can be online via chat. They are typically given a set of guidelines and protocols and asked to answer calls and “triage” patients to urgent care, ER, facilities, or their PCP in an effort to streamline care and not overcrowd facilities with healthcare issues that can be handled at a different facility or at home. You will also be responsible for communicating with community services, facilities, or physicians on an as needed basis.

Companies that hire telehealth nurses include : Optum, Fonemed,

2. Telephonic Case/Care Manager: 65k-85k

Nurse Case/Care Managers are given a caseload and assigned to be the patient’s “resource support” post discharge. This can be from hospital to facility, hospital to home, or facility to home. Resources can include anything the client will need to reduce the chances of being readmitted to the hospital or facility. Resources can include diet support, physical therapy, home health nurse or aid, help with acquiring medications, and the list goes on. Care mangers can work in as many specialties as a staff nurse would. Some specialties include pediatrics, women’s health, workers comp, managed long term services, and behavioral health. It is kind of nice because as a  bedside nurse , you stabilize, treat, and nurse the patient back to health enough to leave the hospital. You don’t really know what happens to them or how they manage once being discharged by you. The Care Manager role allows you to support them once they’re outside the doors of the hospital and back to real life.

Companies that hire Case Managers: Centene, Elevance Health

BONUS: Care Managers can also be travel nurses.

3. Assessment Nurse: 85k-110k

Assessment nurses do just as their title says, assess. Not in the physical sense however. These nurses will work for a program alongside Care Managers to give the clients the best possible support they need. You will virtually evaluate the patients based on the questionnaire provided by the company and send the results to Care/Case Managers so they can acquire whatever resources the patient needs based on your assessment.

Companies that hire assessment nurses include : Maximus, Healthfirst, Pro-med Staffing

4. Nurse Educator/ Nurse Coach/ Clinical Educator: 75k-100k

Nurse Coaches virtually educate patients to ensure a full understanding of their medical conditions as well as how to properly care for themselves. For example, a Diabetic patient will need an extensive amount of education on how to care for themselves at home and how to treat symptoms that come with being a Diabetic.

Nurse educators may also work to educate other nurses on certain jobs that offer remote training . For example, being a unit specific nurse educator and having virtual new hire training.

Companies that hire Nurse Educators : UnitedHealth Group, Dignity Health

5. Utilization Review Nurse: 70k-150k

The goal of a UR nurse is to examine the need for healthcare treatments in an effort to evaluate the appropriateness of care. UR nurses can work for hospitals, as well as insurance companies. The job entails looking through patient charts, speaking to patients, and sometimes healthcare practitioners, to and put together the clinical picture and conclude if care given was care needed.

Companies that higher UR Nurses: Humana, Evry Health

BONUS: UR Nurses can also be travel nurses.


Do not believe the lie that you’re only a “real” nurse if you’re at the bedside in the middle of chaos and trauma for 12 hours. Every type of nurse has so much to contribute to the life of their patients, just in different ways. What’s important is that you feel healthy, joy, and satisfaction in the work that you do. You deserve fulfillment from your work, not anxiety and the urge to quit everyday.

Plus, bedside will always be there to return to  if working from home isn’t for you, hospitals will always need help.

P.s if you’re having the itch or a little separation anxiety from the bedside, per diem or PRN is always a great option to have in your back pocket until you’re in the swing of things with your work from home job. I have a per diem job now and it is the perfect dose of chaos sprinkled into a now consistent and low stress schedule.

Leave a comment down below letting me know what your reason is for wanting to work from home? I’ll start! Schedule flexibility and being able to spend more time with the one I love while in a long distance relationship. YOUR TURN!

Happy Job Hunting!


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